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Calvary Community Church was founded in 2005 by a handful of members who felt led to reach out to those who had been hurt in churches. Pastor Tim Walden who had been ministering since 1983 and had pastured several churches felt the call of God to reach people with the true love of God. After meeting in a home for awhile , we moved to the Newborn Schoolhouse where we had services for several years and saw God begin to bring things together. After a time needing a better building Pastor Walden’s cousin who was a great preacher for many years offered the family Tabernacle in the Magnet area of Rockdale county which was started by Rev Franklin Walden’s dad Sam Walden. The building was a tabernacle for camp meeting with sawdust floors and open sides. After several renovation the building now is a thriving church where the power of God is shown each week in powerful services to our Lord.